School/College/University/Institute Management

Education Software is an intuitive software package created with the latest development tools to help schools, colleges and universities to manage their institutions better. Education Software is a modular, flexible, interactive platform for all entities viz Students, Teachers and Management of an educational institution. It connects all departments together namely admission, office, fee counter, academics, activity center, teaching staff and so on.

Add any number of users with add user form.

Generate reports for each student and class regarding Attendance,mark sheet,contact details and payments.

Customizable exam structure,maintain marksheet for each student or enter marks for full class.

Manage courses, maintain all subjects list ,maintain compulsory or optional subject list.

Admission based on year,branch,term,class and division. Stores previous marks, contact details, photos and extra curricular activities information.

Accounts customizable fee structure and schedule,Payment for all facilities, Integrated option for late fee / Bus Fare. Accepts payment information by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

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